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Sunday, September 30, 2012::Nickelodeon's 'Supah Ninjas' moves to Pittsburgh's 31st Street Studios for second season

Four months into shooting Nickelodeon's "Supah Ninjas," there's an air of congenial chaos at the 31st Street Studios in the Strip District as three young actors and one very large guest villain prepare for their next scene.

Saturday, September 29, 2012::'Since I Don't Have You' debuts with South Side screening

Any history of Pittsburgh's contribution to rock and roll must include Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners. The vocal group, which formed in Carrick in the South Hills, charted a national hit in 1959 with the keening, lovelorn ballad "Since I Don't Have You."

Saturday, September 29, 2012::Skyliners reflect on film about Janet Vogel Rapp

"Since I Don't Have You" was a Skyliners hit with a lyric that manager Joe Rock jotted down in a car after breaking up with a girl.

Friday, September 28, 2012::Logan Lerman enjoyed perks of Pittsburgh during filming

TORONTO -- Even Mae Whitman and her co-stars didn't know everything Logan Lerman was going through on the set of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

Friday, September 28, 2012::“Supah Ninjas” producers enjoy shooting in Pittsburgh

Even though their series “Supah Ninjas” enjoyed a successful first season last year on the cable network Nickelodeon, Leo Chu and Eric Garcia, the creators and executive producers of the teen-targeted action-comedy, know too well not to take anything for granted in the fickle world of TV.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012::'Farm Kings' features local family

It's clear from the opening moments of "Farm Kings," a docuseries featuring the large industrious King family of Butler County, that farming is backbreaking work.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012::The perks of being Stephen Chbosky: Upper St. Clair native talks about his novel and new film

If Stephen Chbosky is feeling infinite these days, who can blame him?

Sunday, September 23, 2012::'Wallflower' Film Puts Adolescence On Screen

Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks to novelist Stephen Chbosky, who has written and directed the film adaptation of his novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The story follows a shy, high school freshman who becomes friends with upperclassmen who are also social misfits.

Wednesday, September 18, 2012::'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Exclusive Clip: Meet Sam And Patrick

It's okay to feel things, and be who you are about them. It's also okay to fall deeply, madly in love with our exclusive clip from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," which debuted Tuesday (September 18) during our MTV First with stars Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller.

Sunday, September 16, 2012::New Perks of Being a Wallflower clip to debut Tuesday night on MTV

Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller then will join MTV News' Josh Horowitz for a 30-minute interview on

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