Training the Media Makers of Tomorrow


WQED’s NextGeneration Fellowship training program seeks to enhance the skill set of college students and community media makers by providing actual working experience for emerging creators. Four individuals per year will participate in the training program. Fellows will learn about the editorial process by developing, researching, writing, shooting and editing their own productions. In 2018 the Next Generation Fellows will focus on a different aspect of our changing city.

Apply for a Next-Generation Fellowship:

If you’d like to submit your resume for consideration for the next Fellows session, please send your resume and cover letter to Minette Seate at [email protected]. Resumes must be received by March 13, 2019. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and residents of the City of Pittsburgh.


Whether you are already working on set, you’re an actor or new to the business, you NEED this informational panel discussion with industry experts.

Learn set etiquette from the professionals that work every day in the business who want YOU to be more professional.

Some of what we will cover:

  1. Roles on Set – Who does what and when
  2. Chain of command
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Proper terminology used on set / Lingo
  5. Only the director says “cut and action”
  6. Save your comments
  7. Equipment rules
  8. Be Ninja Like
  9. Showing up on Time / Call time is work time
  10. What to wear on a set  etc., etc., etc. etc.

RSVP and more information: