Saturday 3/11 – Toupee Consultation & Application 

  • Date/Time: Saturday 3/11 11-5pm (times subject to change) 
  • We’re in need of a Standby model 
  • Model: Must have receding hairline, short brown (chestnut) hair is preferred
  • Note: No permanent changes (ex: dyeing/cutting) will be taking place to the models hair

Tuesday 3/14 – Barbering (See attached)

  • Date/Time: Tuesday 3/14 4-8pm (times subject to change) 
  • Model: Short / low shaved hair. Must have shaggy/outgrown hair, so be willing and in need of a haircut
  • Note: Models will have a say in their haircut 

If interested, send an email with subject line: “Model: Hair Styling Training” to [email protected].