Sharpsburg and Etna are merging in more ways than just the detour around the Freeport Road bridge construction. They just exchanged a police officer and both are becoming the lair of the Mindhunter.

Jake Silver, assistant location manager for Late Seventies Productions of Pittsburgh, asked Sharpsburg council at its meeting last Thursday for permission to close some streets for filming of the Netflix series, Mindhunter. He’d already gotten Etna’s approval a month earlier to do some filming there.

Sharpsburg council is considering a request to close South Main Street for most if not all of the day on Thursday, Sept. 6 from 11 a.m. Only local traffic will be permitted on an intermittent basis during filming.

Also, parking along second through fifth street would be restricted where visible to their cameras during filming so late-model cars in the spaces closest to South Main will not impact the show’s 1980’s theme.

Mr. Silver also asked for the closing of the ramp from Sharpsburg to Route 8 on another day. Borough manager Bill Rossey told him they would need Pennsylvania Department of Transportation approval for that. Etna already okayed closing their ramp onto Route 8, according to Mr. Silver.

“Every month, people complain about parking,” Brittany Reno, Sharpsburg council president, told Mr. Silver. “So we’d have to figure out an alternative place to park.”

The location manager told council he’s been working with local businesses in the area and have asked them if they would open their lots to parking that day.

Chief Thomas Stelitano said he’s concerned about trucks going through Sharpsburg to Etna. Mr. Silver said he’d already spoken with local businesses about deliveries as well. “I have deals going with them for parking,” he said. “Not one of them has complained.” Already, Fazio Mechanical Service at 300 Main Street has agreed to open its lot that day , according to Mr. Silver.

Councilman Matthew Brudnok said he felt comfortable with the plan as long as residents have access to parking.

Fliers will be posted to let residents know where to park during filming and Sharpsburg and Etna police will be hired by the production company to direct traffic, Mr. Silver said. He told council they had once filmed on Middle Street with no problems. Information also will be posted on the borough’s website, said Chief Stelitano.

“Thanks for bringing the big screen to Sharpsburg,” Ms. Reno said.

Rita Michel, freelance writer, [email protected].