“What was the screenwriter thinking?”
a unique way to learn a unique craft

Most of the screenwriting process takes place away from a keyboard and desk. The story, the situations, character
introductions, subplots, story points, set-ups, “gags”, transitions, edits, scene descriptions, etc. are all thought
about long before the writer downloads screenwriting software onto their computer. Many times—if not most—the
ending is known before the beginning.

In this presentation, we are going to show one of the “great movies you’ve never heard of,” and dissect it during a
showing to determine (the best way we can) what the screenwriter was thinking during the story structure and
the outline process.

THE MOVIE: “Once” (2007)
Cool award-winning Irish movie with
unique love story, great music (and
one of the best scenes ever!)

TIME: 12:30p to 2:00p
SITE: Carnegie Library
South Side Branch
2205 E. Carson Street
COST: FREE! (attendees entitled to 20% discount on “Fade In” screenwriting
software and the “Write Your Script” class)

Ken Kaszak is the developer of the “Write
Your Script” class. This class features the
“Thinking Like a Screenwriter” method,
which enables students to write a script
while maintaining work and family
commitments and to take advantage of
the “ancillary” benefits of writing.

Information on Ken and the class is
available via email at:
[email protected]