Make us your FIRST call when you need a permit.  We can answer your questions regarding permit processes in the City of Pittsburgh and the surrounding 10-county region.  We will also be able to direct you to the proper agencies and offices to get the ball rolling to ensure you get the permit answers you need.  Call us at 412-261-2744 or send us an email at [email protected].

City of Pittsburgh – Office of Film & Event Management

Office of Film & Event Management

[email protected]


  • The City of Pittsburgh issues permits if your film production will be interfering with public sidewalks, streets, parks, or other public places.
  • In some cases, permits are not required, such as when you are using a handheld camera to do things like walk and talks or b-roll.  However, if you intend on blocking a sidewalk or curb lane, interfere with traffic, use an alley, or use another public space like a park, a permit will be required.  Other restrictions may apply, so please call us for clarification.
  • Permits may also be required if you will be on other public property such as parks.  For more information on filming in city parks, call the Pittsburgh Office of Film & Event Management.
  • If the city requires police officers for your shoot, you will be told how many officers are required when you are issued the permit.  We can answer your questions on how that process works.
  • If your production requires control of curb lanes and public parking, you will need to arrange that through the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.  We can assist you in answering this question.

Eproval Permit System (City of Pittsburgh)

Any production, commercial, student film, commercial photography, etc. that need a permit from the city can do so via Eproval.

Southwestern Pennsylvania

The Pittsburgh Film Office operates within the 10 counties of southwestern Pennsylvania.  These are Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland.  Most communities in the these counties, outside the city of Pittsburgh, do not have specific filming permits or requirements.  Filmmakers are always advised to call the borough manager or police department where they will be filming to ask if permits are required by that borough or municipality.  This is particularly important if you will be doing any work that may interfere with roads, parking lanes, curbs, sidewalks, or other public areas.  The Pittsburgh Film Office can also answer your questions about filming in these communities.

Filming on Private Property

Usage – Any film production on private property will require permission of the owner.

Permits – Filming on private property will not require a permit.  However, if the production will also require use of public property, such as placement of equipment on streets or sidewalks or parking vehicles on a public street, a permit may be required.  Parking equipment or vehicles on public property in the City of Pittsburgh will always require a permit.  Rules governing permit requirements outside of the City of Pittsburgh are subject to the laws of that borough or municipality.

Please note that whether you are filming on private or public property, all local noise and other ordinances must be followed.