Segments from The Big K Morning Show with Larry Richert and Dawn Keezer

February 29th, 2024







Dawn Keezer “Larry’s day at the movies!”

Dawn Keezer, Executive Director at the Pittsburgh Film Office joins Larry in the studio for the show. They discuss current film projects in Pittsburgh, the importance of hiring local talent, the movie Larry appeared in, and the craft service industry.
Lela Checco “What is craft service?”

Lela Checco, who works in craft services in the Pittsburgh film industry. She talks about what craft service is and what her job entails.
Keith Frank “Transportation in the movie industry”

Keith Frank, VP Teamsters Local 249, joins Larry and Dawn to discuss what Teamsters 249 does for the Pittsburgh Film industry and why they are important.
Gannon Murphy “Cinelease Studios”

Gannon Murphy, VP of Cinelease Studios, joins Larry and Dawn to discuss what the company does and the studio space they have in Pittsburgh.
Dr. Mike Hutchinson “Dr. Mike: Pet rats”

Dr. Mike Hutchinson from Animal General joins Larry and Dawn for his weekly segment. They discuss pet rats, animal dewormers, and baby teeth in dogs.
Katie Shenot “Casting directors”

Katie Shenot, Casting Director at Mosser Casting, joins Larry and Dawn to discuss her career in the industry.

Camera Bartolotta

“Film tax credit program”

Senator Camera Bartolotta joins Larry and Dawn to discuss her experience in the film industry and why it is important to bring movie productions into Pittsburgh. She also discusses the film tax credit program and why it is needed to bring more movies to Pittsburgh.
David Haddad “Filming FLASHDANCE”

David Haddad, Owner of Haddad Studios also joins to discuss his experience with the movie “Flashdance” and how his trucking business contributes to the Pittsburgh movie industry.
Kristy Graver “Pittsburgh Magazine 2/29/24”

Kristy Graver from Pittsburgh Magazine joins for her weekly segment.
Mamie Stein “What is a key grip and a best boy?”

Mamie Stein, IATSE 489 President and Set Dresser joins Dawn and Larry to discuss what IATSE does and how the job selection process works. She also explains some of the lesser known jobs within the film production industry.
Rodney Morrow “Film industry and local hotels”

Rodney Morrow, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Fairmont Hotel joins Larry and Dawn to discuss how the movie industry helps the business at the Fairmont Hotel. Larry and Dawn also discuss Dr. Laurie Santos speaking for the Pittsburgh Speaker Series last night.
Morgan Overton “Jobs in the film industry”

Morgan Overton, the Workforce Director at CREATE PA joins to discuss how to get a job in the film industry and the program offered at the Pittsburgh Film Office.