Was that Tom Hanks in a Greensburg Starbucks?

Shirley McMarlin

Was that the real Tom Hanks spotted in a Greensburg Starbucks on Tuesday?

It’s certainly possible, given the fact that the Academy Award-winning actor is set to star as Latrobe native son Fred Rogers in the new movie “You Are My Friend.”

The film from Sony TriStar Pictures is set to begin filming around Pittsburgh in the fall. So it’s quite possible Hanks was in the area doing some research.

https://www.bizjournals.com/pittsburgh/news/2018/07/09/film-production-based-on-story-about-mister-rogers.html …

— James Quinn (@WrestleWithJQ) 8:38 AM – Aug 22, 2018

Hundreds of aspiring extras in #Pittsburgh have shown up to a casting call for Mister Rogers movie to be filmed this fall with @tomhanks

— Luis Fabregas (@LuisTrib) 11:35 AM – Aug 25, 2018 · Pittsburgh, PA

The manager on duty this morning at the Starbucks on Route 30 East said he was unable to comment, since all media inquiries must “go through corporate.”

But there’s photo evidence on the Across Westmoreland Facebook page, and that makes it so, right? Facebook user John Joseph James posted the photo, which he says his brother-in-law sent to his wife.

He comments that it was taken in the Starbucks “on Route 30 near the Kia dealership. Not quite sure who this guy is, but someone told me he’s an up-and-coming star and to keep an eye out for him in the movies…”

Hanks could have been traveling from Pittsburgh to the Fred Rogers Center at Saint Vincent College when he had a hankering (get it?) for a pumpkin spice latte, which returned to the menu yesterday.

Or maybe he’s a Nitro Cold Brew kind of guy.

@tomhanks I heard you were in my area today? Did you visit Mister Rogers home town, my neighbor of Latrobe?

— Claudia (@CMarPA) 9:42 PM – Aug 28, 2018

In any case, Tom Hanks is welcome in Greensburg any time — and he’d be sure to get a good meal.

Dearest @tomhanks

Rumor has it that you’re in the Greensburg/Latrobe area. My friend Forrest (yes, that’s actually his name) is having a cookout this Sunday for Labor Day. If you don’t find yourself to be busy, feel free to pop in!

— Ashley (@Ashangelo) 10:45 PM – Aug 28, 2018

@tomhanks if your in greensburg come to Mr. Toad’s and have some steak on Wedensday. #hwtd #daisheretics

— Rev. Daisher Rocket (@RevRocket) 1:50 PM – Aug 28, 2018 · The Church Of Daisherology

Tom Hanks in Greensburg yesterday. Come eat at Pizza Hut Tom! Wilsonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

— Summer Sager (@HEELSager) 6:40 PM – Aug 28, 2018

Looks like the friendly folks of Greensburg would love to be his neighbor too.

@tomhanks hello beautiful!! There is a picture roaming around on Facebook! You are in greensburg, pa!! I live not far would love to meet you and get a picture with you!! #yougotmail !

— Chelsey hall (@Chelseyhall20) 8:14 AM – Aug 29, 2018

is tom hanks still in greensburg bc my uncle has owed him $5 for 24 years and i’d like to give it to him

— ambi⟠ (@literally_amber) 9:04 PM – Aug 28, 2018 · Hempfield, PA